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Our events are 100% Non-profit. All involved artists are investing their time and creative energy for the good cause.

Even though this is the case and we already are blessed with many collaborations, we need sponsors to cover all the costs of the production and the event itself. This is why we need your help.

We want to guarantee our donors that their money flows into the active help and does not drown in the production or administration of our events. In order to realize this project we need sponsors who support us in our project and ensure the cost recovery for the implementation of the productions.

Yerba Buena is a constantly growing community made up of different people from all backgrounds. Our target group has virtually no limitation and it can reach a wide audience. As supporter of Yerba Buena Charity you will be part of a passionate team of helpers and supporters and will be mentioned extensively in all our print materials and online presences. You are the guest of honor at all our events and we would like to actively offer our sponsors the opportunity to present themselves more extensively at our events. Here we offer you various possibilities which we would love to discuss individually with you.

Help us to continue this project and expand our activities! Because your donations are an essential guarantee that we can continue to maintain our infrastructure in the future.

That’s why we ask you: Become personally involved in a permanent anchorage of the Yerba Buena Charity and become a sponsoring member or donor!

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