This blog is a small documentation of the creation process of this years Charity Performance „walking“. I wanna open a new space, a door, to give you the opportunity to see how this comes to life. I will post articles on a regular basis and share with you my thoughts in creating. Feel free to comment, ask questions and be a part of it.


Just a bunch of thoughts, rather uncontrolled in order, chaotic but I decided that every state should be shared. It will reach those that should be reached.

We are all afraid to search, cause the search will open up the door to the possibility to find an empty space. That thought is scary. What if I find an empty space? What if I try to find myself and I find nothing instead? What if I have nothing to offer? What if I am simply nothing…

Who defines what I am, what I do, what I feel? That has been all important questions to me, long before I started this research about freedom. I realized that finding emptiness was inevitable. Now I know that emptiness is the goal, the starting point and even though it is scary to face ground zero, it is not easy to be found. It´s the base of all truth and became the base of all I create.

It´s such a complex topic and I am trying to find the right words. I am good with words but maybe „walking“ will speak louder then my words could. I became more silent with the time. I found emptiness and spend time with it, embrace it. It became freedom and peace.

I stand in the space and I feel the emptiness, I feel that now I can do everything. I remember all the things that I once felt as a part of me. You know, those things you see in the world and then you realize they belong to you for some reason. I think of them, I collect them, I put them in this empty space. Then sometimes something happens. If I lie I throw it out and create emptiness again. Emptiness feels better then a lie. The freedom to be true is what „walking“ became.

Thank you for taking the time to step into my thoughts.

You´ll hear from me very soon.

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