Chapter 4


This blog is a small documentation of the creation process of this years Charity Performance „walking“. I wanna open a new space, a door, to give you the opportunity to see how this comes to life. I will post articles on a regular basis and share with you my thoughts in creating. Feel free to comment, ask questions and be a part of it.


Today is my free day, well, here I am anyways. It´s pretty hard to take a day off with so many processes being active. So instead of taking a day off and just hanging around, I let my mind wander and receive new creative impulses. Writing has always been an important tool for me. My brain is usually a chaotic place and I think most of my creative outcome is only caused by me trying to order the processes going on in my brain.

The last two weeks were like a computer with 100 open tabs. I was longing to have a bit off time were I can only spend getting lost in creative process. Unfortunately this is not the reality of an artist. We always wish for it but basically never have this privilege. That has to do with money but in my case also with the fact that I am easily on fire for something. So it´s hard for me to select.

This is exactly what is happening now. I am ordering ideas, re-thinking them, writing them down, kill some darlings, bring them back to life and start this exact process all over again, until one moment, it hopefully turns into a homogeneous mass that will be called a piece. This process is exhausting. It´s really similar to giving birth.

Every artists gets their inspiration differently. I can focus best in moving objects. Thats why a nice long train ride is a great place for me. The longer the better. If I am lucky and put in the mental work I get off that train with a full worked out concept for the next piece. There is something magical about train rides, the combination of movement and stillness has inspired me for many years. Receiving landscapes, long views over different color fields have inspired me and shaped my pieces ever since I am doing art.

This semester I am heading back to this and stop seeing my work as labeled. I have many influences and this will all be integrated in this years work for the Charity Performance „walking“. We already told you that the topic we are reflecting over is „Freedom“ so I am living this topic right here, right now. I was researching in all my works to the topic of identity, it was always something that aroused my interest. Who are we even, what does that even mean to say „I am Sarah Balzat“? How does she dance, speak, move? Does she even really exist? That might seem a bit too dramatic to you (No worries, I am used to be called dramatic). All these labels are temporary anyways.

I can not build an empire on something that I am not. The cage of a label is no longer my place. We are all playing this roles of our labeled identities and that is just part of life, being labeled by others, labeling ourselves. You may know me in one way, maybe you know me as a mambo dancer, or the passionate teacher, the dramatic women or whatever you experienced me like when you happened to cross my path. Sarah Balzat in the end is just an invention, a character but what truly speaks is my art, it is a exact reflection of me in that moment. You may heard me using a certain voice and identify it as the voice of Sarah but now I am gonna speak with a different voice, let it sink in and let´s go on a ride to freedom.

Have a week full of free thoughts and maybe discovering some unexpected inner voices.

You hear from me very soon, the process is on fire, Cheers!

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