Chapter 3


This blog is a small documentation of the creation process of this years Charity Performance „walking“. I wanna open a new space, a door, to give you the opportunity to see how this comes to life. I will post articles on a regular basis and share with you my thoughts in creating. Feel free to comment, ask questions and be a part of it.


The artistic process came to a small hold today as I injured my shoulder two days ago. After having to cancel my rehearsals for today, let´s say, my mood was not at the highpoint of the project. We are rehearsing a show with a length of about one hour in 5 month with over 100 dancers of different experiences and the pressure is always high. Not only money but also time is rare. So I did not feel like taking a day „off“, but my body took it´s right and over the years I have learned not to overlook this need. This never turns out well.

I took the chance and spend the time in the office. Since the trailer production was finished it was now time to write to potential sponsors and present our project to them. I send out several personalized E-mails to different companies and private people that could be interested in financing a part of the project. It is a bit hard for me as true fundraising and sponsoring is not my expert field. Basically I know nothing about it. All I am is passionate about what I do.

To start off: Asking for help is not easy for me but I seem to get confronted with this topic again and again and I am open for the lesson. Someone important told me last year: „Sarah, if you wanna go into charity, you need to learn to ask for money with confidence“. Well, she was right, so I go out there and present this project with confidence about my passion. I am convinced about it, about it´s purpose and my role in it. So this is how I present it.

After sending out all these e-mails, it took five minutes and I received the first answer to one of my e-mails: a rejection. Well thats fine, I knew it was ok, did not loose hope.

It took one hour and I received a second answer from another company. This time they were interested in collaborating with us, they liked the project and were simply asking what we need. We are now negotiating the conditions.

Maybe thats my artistic way of thinking, but for me the relation to the sponsor is much more then just the money or the things that they donate. I see this as a co-creative space. How we can create an image together with the resources that each of us have? They become an active part of the community and have all privileges that each member of the community has. The work with the people is not different, or the work with the other involved artists is not different. We all sponsor our resources.

Sometimes we forget what we have to give, what is precious to contribute. That a contribution that seems small to you can make a big difference in other peoples life. Well I leave this here maybe it makes you think.

I close my laptop with a smile today, knowing that our community has grown by two sponsors that will contribute to this project. I wish you a beautiful evening full of precious confident contributions to whatever you are passionate about.


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