Chapter 2


This blog is a small documentation of the creation process of this years Charity Performance „walking“. I wanna open a new space, a door, to give you the opportunity to see how this comes to life. I will post articles on a regular basis and share with you my thoughts in creating. Feel free to comment, ask questions and be a part of it.


MONEY…we are dealing with this toping on an endless basis. It is no surprise, that a high quality production, and who knows me, knows that I always thrive for quality, is requiring money. It starts with the theatre costs, technicians, stage manager, light designers, video production and ends with coffee and food for the volunteers. In between you can find an endless money swallowing black hole.

We are already blessed with some generous souls that help us to put things together and to find resources to pay what is necessary. Right now the Pfefferberg theatre is supporting us a lot. They simply give us more than we could ever pay for and support the project quality and the dancers experience in an amazing way.

Like I mentioned in my last article we are now setting all collaborations for the new production. We have some amazing artists that support our purpose and share with us their artistic expertise. We will soon share with you some of our collaborations. All of them are working for the charity purpose and no-one gets paid for it. They simply donate their time, effort and creative energy. This amazes me on a deep level. Sometimes I simply sit back and ask myself „when did all of this happen“.

Then my head swings back and remembers that we still need a shit load of money to make it all happen. We took some longterm effort to find a stronger support system and during the last 8 month we were shooting a small documentation of the last production process. A friend and simply amazing documentary filmmaker accompanied us during rehearsals and the show and in the end we put together this great material in a professional trailer and using it as a base to present it to potential sponsors.

Investing private money is always a risk and for an artist this is always a sensitive topic but I take this very serious and hope to be able to achieve more planning security for the future through this. Even though I am confronted with many fears every day, I know that there has to be made some sacrifices, and I am ready to do so. I invest a lot of time and energy in the entire production and I am actually ok with it. I know what purpose I am serving, that gives me power. And I feel the love of all these people on my side that are believing in this project. We support each other oil reaching these goals.

I am not a promoter, nor am I a financial manager, in the first place I am an artist, but here it comes all together. I feel like swinging back and forth between these roles. It is what it is. Future is calling and with it hopefully some sponsors that help us to keep following the bigger purpose!

Oh and let me share our Project trailer with you. Click on subtitles for english translation. Feel free to share it with everyone you know, every share is a supporting act.

You will hear from me soon, Cheers!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-22 um 17.44.14


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