Chapter 1


This blog is a small documentation of the creation process of this years Charity Performance „walking“. I wanna open a new space, a door, to give you the opportunity to see how this comes to life. I will post articles on a regular basis and share with you my thoughts in creating. Feel free to comment, ask questions and be a part of it.


It started. The most important 5 month of the year. We just started with the rehearsals and we are already all in. The rehearsals for the single scenes of the evening filling piece are split up onto 5 days of the week. We were finishing to do most of the rehearsal plan in advanced and can actually only hope that this organization of rehearsals will unfold the entire potential of each scene. We learned a lot out of the last years and try to optimize small things for a more flawless organization of rehearsals. Me personally, I always go into the first period with a small fear that time will eat my creative process.

„It´s normal“ I tell myself and usually after two, three weeks I melt into the process completely without looking right or left. I trust the process and let myself being led by my instinct. These small fears remind me how important some of my personal values are and it gives me a great opportunity to lecture about self-responsibility inside the teams and make sure everybody soaked in this value.

So, right now, I am pretty much torn between organization, creation, rehearsals and research. I am lucky to have some people on my side, that I trust unconditionally and that work for the values and not for me. We are all under the thrive for the purpose, thats actually a great feeling. I was doing everything alone before and the truth is:

It is damn hard to do good. But we keep pushing.

I strongly feel the importance of this purpose. This might be the most important of all the things I am doing.

Organisationwise we had a few bureaucratic setbacks that challenge our creativity a lot. Finding sponsors, finding the right juristic form for what we do and deal with the german tax-law are only a few of the stones in the way. But we knew there will be setbacks and we are prepared to flow around them. Asking for help was really hard for me in the beginning, now I realized, without this nothing will happen. So I jump over this fear and ask for help whenever I think it is necessary.

On the creative side, I am now working on setting up all collaborations for this year, work on the dramaturgy, saying NO a lot and read, read, read to get myself more and more into the topic „Freedom“. The process changes my own being so much. Now I am five month in this research and while talking to people, reading, moving and discovering I realize that I did not choose the topic. It is a voice of the spirit of the time.

You hear from me soon, now I am off to rehearsal! Leave your comments and don´t hesitate to ask questions, I would love to hear your thoughts about it,


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