Event 2018


A research on freedom

15/16 of December 2018

Pfefferberg Theater Berlin

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What does true freedom look like? Does it look like a voter’s ballot or someone walking out of prison? Is it seen in being able to buy anything I want or in the fact that I don’t owe a thing to anyone? Nature or the city? Of course, it’s crucial to define what we mean by freedom so that we know what we’re looking for, what we’re hoping to attain for our lives, our communities, our culture and thought bigger, for the world that we live in.

This weekend of reflexion shows a variety of these perceptions, researched with the body & the mind. With a performance as well as lectures and open process rehearsals we explore this topic in different ways, make connections, feel, move and perceive with all senses. We wanna invite you to truly integrate this thought into your life and share those thoughts with others. We wanna discuss, dance, share our performance and spend a weekend dedicated to the thought of our own freedom, the freedom of others and a free world.

This years Charity Event will not only focus on a performance. We want you to be part of this research and take part in our process. It is our responsibility to trigger new thoughts and contribute with this to our culture.

More info about the Event coming soon!